cs challenge

The collection of my self-learning records in computer science.

The Clue

I am interested in Computer Science on the day I have read this medium on the matter of principle in design. I enjoy investigating mindsets of good and great designers. Julie Zhou becomes my favourite person as a designer. But I was shocked when I discovered her background as only in Computer Sciences.
I was fascinated by true designer’s mind. My profession leads me to numerous numbers of the designer who try only to make their design visually notable and none of them has no mindset like her. I just know that I am not for solo-aesthetic. I go for honest products that will give the value to people. 

I thought it was a good point to start. Then I asking myself two questions "in or out” and “now or never”.



Pset 0 –
sweet attack

Moving candy cane with →←↑↓keys.
Attack sweet couple with spacebar and poke single person for bonus points.

Gain points as much as you can in 100 seconds.